Venue: Powerhouse at St. James Power Station, Singapore
Date: 2nd August 2011
Promoter: Chugg Entertainment Asia
Review by: Nadiah H. & Cindy W.
Special Thanks: Sammy & the Chugg Entertainment Asia team

As the sun went down last Tuesday, 2nd August 2011, Warpaint fans were queuing up in front of St. James Power Station as they waited to see the return of the Los Angeles based all-girl quartet to Singapore.

The band that consists of Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Stella Mozgawa have attracted many fans in Singapore over the years, especially since their visit during Laneway Festival 2011 on January, with each of their own breath taking beauty and talent. The girls opened the show by performing their newest song, Jubilee. The song was so easy to the ears that the audience could not help but to sway along to the song. “Warpaint”, of which the music video was just released last month, started playing as soon as the band hit the last note of Jubilee.

The crowd couldn’t be any more excited. Consecutive calling for the band members on the stage was heard from the audience as they tried to get their idol’s attention and express their affection towards the band members like Theresa or Jenny who had her hair blonde with pink highlights that night. Being the humble person that she is, Theresa constantly replied personal greetings from various audiences. She pouted her lips and winked when an audience shouted “Theresa, you’re cute!” and caused the crowd to get hyper.

Lyrics like “Why you wanna blame me for your trouble?” and “Call me a thief, call me a thief” haunted the room as the audiences were singing along with the band when they played their hits such as “Undertow”, “Elephants” or “Billie Holiday”. Jenny, the bassist of the band, constantly head banged with Theresa, the guitarists of the band, as they performed a few songs from their EPs “The Fool” and “Exquisite Corpse”. Emily claimed that “Elephants” was their last song before the whole band left the stage, pretending to say good bye to the fans, resulting in the chorus of chanting by the audiences, calling the band back to the stage. Not long after, Emily came back to perform a solo performance of “Baby” and had the mood in the room to be all sentimental and beautifully sad. The rest of the members then joined Emily to perform their final song, “Beetles” before ending the night for real.

The fans left the venue still feeling dreamy after experiencing Warpaint live themselves. Many of them surely won’t mind watching the girls for another time, hoping this time there will be a Meet & Greet session. Warpaint sure had given every audience a worthwhile night of reverie and elegance.