Exodus Music Festival, Philippines, March 2015

Philippines will debut a new 24 hour music and arts festival, Exodus Music Festival, in March 2015. The event will feature numerous local artists and international acts, including The Wild Swans and Big Mountain. Details as follows:

Date: 21st March 2015 (Saturday)
Venue: Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park, Cavite, Philippines
Line Up: Joey “Pepe” Smith, Maria Cafra, The Wuds, The Dawn, Razorback, Wolfgang, Franco, Urbandub, Tropical Depression, Akindra Lumads Djembe Community, Kudos Loves 80s, Roots of Nature, Jeck Pilpil and Peacepipe, Coconut Head, Coffee Breaks Island, Legit Misfits, Philippine All stars, DJ Kimosave, DJ Ace Ramos, DJ Jennifer Lee, The Wild Swans (UK), Big Mountain (US)
Prices: PhP 1500 (Regular), PhP 2500 (VIP)
Tickets: Call 0927-497-2387 for ticket bookings and reservations
Promoters: DMC Entertainment and Phoenix Production