Ellie Goulding

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall @ Esplanade, Singapore
Date: 26th February 2013
Promoter: Now/Live
Review by: Fifa S.
Special Thanks: Dan and the Now/Live team
Photos by Fifa S.

On February 26, British singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding performed for the very first time in Singapore at the Esplanade Concert Hall. It was no surprise it turned out to be a sold out show.

When the lights went out, the crowd couldn’t be more excited, clapping and cheering while anticipating Goulding’s appearance. Her band members came out first to take their places. Once they settled down, a flash of blond dressed in an all-black ensemble, was spotted breezing across the stage to take centre stage, kicking off the night with Don’t Say A Word.

Ellie Goulding

Unfortunately, it didn’t start off well as her vocals were overpowered by the sound of the instruments. She did however take advantage of the drum that was placed near the microphone stand and started banging it to build-up the atmosphere. Halcyon and Figure 8 was just impeccable. It took Goulding a little while to loosen up to the crowd, though.

Goulding stripped down with an acoustic version of Guns and Horses, just herself and her guitar as back up. This version really emphasized the diversity of her vocals. The audience sang alongside her during this number, not that they haven’t been singing along in the first place.

Ellie Goulding

There was a shift in mood when Goulding did I Know You Care. There’s something about her raspy vocals that sends shivers down my spine. It was so raw and emotional that the audience fell into silence throughout the song. I could only assume that the song really means a lot to Goulding as it was about her father. She did an amazing job with her elegant, pianist-accompanied rendition of Elton’s John Your Song.

She addressed that she actually appreciated the silence from the crowd once in a while, comparing Singapore’s audience to the U.S, stating that they can be rowdy. She remarked on how bright the light was shining onto her, earning laughter from the audience as she spoke to them. She really was a ball of cuteness.

Ellie Goulding

The rest of the show, Goulding was comfortable enough to move around, dancing and gyrating her hips sensually all the way through the second half of the show, to crowd favourites like Only You, Under The Sheets, and Anything Could Happen. She encouraged the crowd to sing along to the chorus of Without Your Love because the chorus just goes “Without your love, I’m getting somewhere” repeatedly.

After Starry Eyed, Goulding and her band left the stage. It appeared like everyone couldn’t get enough of her so what better way to call them back on stage than to scream and shout for an encore. Believe me when I say that it was the loudest scream of encore I have ever heard. Soon enough, she and her gang took the stage again with I Need Your Love and Lights, which had a little dub step mix at the end.

Ellie Goulding

I truly adore Goulding in every single way. She really is a sweetheart to her fans. It really was a joy to be here with everyone who adores her just as much. Huge thanks to Now/Live for bringing her here!

Don’t Say A Word
Figure 8
Salt Skin
Hanging On
Guns and Horses
I Know You Care
Your Song
My Blood
Only You
Under The Sheets
Anything Could Happen
Without Your Love
Starry Eyed

I Need Your Love