Venue: *SCAPE, Singapore
Date: 18th June 2010
Organizer: *SCAPE
Review by: Fifa S.

Who would have thought that Mae is coming for a free gig? And I was pretty impressed by how huge the stage was for the gig and I thought about how incredible the night was going to be.

Fans in Singapore were lucky because it was the band’s first show since 2007 that included both bassist Mark Padgett and keyboardist Rob Sweitzer. Right after the emcee announced that the band was going to be up in 15 minutes, the crowd started to grow instantly.

Before we know it, Mae came up and started off with “Suspension” and as expected, everybody started to sing along. They played their old tunes such as “Soundtrack For Our Movie”, “Runaway”, “The Everlong” and more.

Since it was a free gig, I thought the band was just going to play a few songs just for this one time event but I was so wrong. It was more like a full show, lasting for almost an hour and a half. The good people from *Scape even allowed them to do 2 more songs to end the night and fully satisfy Mae fans in Singapore.


1. Suspension
2. All Deliberate Speed
3. Embers And Envelopes
4. This Is The Countdown
5. Cover Me
6. Painless
7. Soundtrack For Our Movie
8. The Ocean
9. The Everglow
10. Brink Of Disaster
11. Runaway
12. Anything
13. Goodbye, Goodnight

1. Summertime