Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, Esplanade, Singapore
Date: 26th September 2012
Promoter: Now/Live
Review by: Mandy L.
Special Thanks: Dan and the Now/Live team

Swedish electronic dance-pop siren Robyn swung by Singapore on September 26 at the Esplanade Concert Hall and got the crowd’s blood pumping. Decked in an alluring bright blue skater skirt with a pair of green spandex tights under her skirt and platform sneaks, this dancehall queen showed us how turning 33 has done nothing to her saucy trademark dance moves—prancing about the stage throughout the 90 minute set.

The concert started off with a long intro of “We Dance to the Beat / DFTMWTD”—sending fans into ecstatic shrieks of “We love you, Robyn!” as neon pink and blue spotlights flashed across the 1,800-seater hall. Filled with enthusiasm and passion, Robyn’s upbeat robotic dance moves took the crowd by storm, as she seemed to be having the time of her life onstage. After ten songs, she finally took a breather—deafening wolf calls and screams of “Marry me! Please!” was responded coolly to a song by the Swedish pop star.

A crowd pleaser, “Love Kills” had the audience singing and grooving to the beat, along with other old school favorites like Cobrastyle, Dancing On My Own, and Indestructible. Bringing about the biggest wave of rapture was 80’s tune With Every Heartbeat, while her acoustic rendition of Dream On brought her fans swaying to her melodious vocals.

By the time her gig drew to a close, it was needless to say that calls for encores were a definite. Not failing to deliver, Robyn wowed her fans with another two songs, Be Mine! And Call Your Girlfriend before (to the audience’s immense surprise) coming back for yet another encore—an acoustic rendition of Show Me Love.

As the gig came to an end and people started to filter out, a crowd was still gathered at the front stage where Robyn was earlier, swooning in euphoria of their prior close experience with the Swedish pop star.


  1. We Dance to the Beat / Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do
  2. Fembot / Bad Gal
  3. Cobrastyle (Teddybears cover)
  4. Dancing on My Own
  5. Love Kills
  6. The Girl and the Robot (Röyksopp cover)
  7. Indestructible
  8. None of Dem
  9. Dancehall Queen
  10. Hang with Me (Paola cover)
  11. Dream On (Christian Falk cover)
  12. With Every Heartbeat (Robyn with Kleerup cover)


  1. Be Mine!
  2. Call Your Girlfriend
  3. Show Me Love