All-4-One & Diana King Live in Philippines, October 2015

All-4-One & Diana King

R&B/pop group All-4-One and singer-songwriter Diana King will be sharing the stage in the Philippines later this month. The artists released their last records, No Regrets, in 2009 and AgirLnaMeKING, in 2011 respectively. Details as follows:

Date: 28th October 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue: Newport Performing Arts Theater, Manila, Philippines
Line Up: All-4-One, and Diana King
Prices: PhP 8808 (Zone 1, Super VIP), PhP 7707 (Zone 2, VIP), PhP 6055.50 (Zone 3, Gold), PhP 4404 (Zone 4, Silver), PhP 2752.50 (Zone 5, Deluxe)
Tickets: On sale via TicketWorld
Promoter: Redstone Productions