Foster The People

Venue: Fort Gate @ Fort Canning Park, Singapore
Date: 14th January 2012
Promoter: Chugg Entertainment
Review by: Nadiah H.

Personally, Foster the People was my first show of 2012 and I must say, their mind-blowing performance is making me so hyped for what’s about to come for the rest of the year!

The weather on the 14 of Jan 2012 was perfect for a concert in the gardens. Kudos to Chugg Entertainment for using the natural scenery as the backdrop! So many people of various ages and nationalities turned up for the sold-out show in Singapore. The opening band, Auditory Effect was shockingly good especially since their lead singers voice is comparable to that of Placebo’s Brian Molko. Amazing right?

Anyway, everybody was waiting so impatiently and started chanting “Foster the people” continuously till, finally, the band came on stage with Mark Foster making a grand entrance. Houdini came on and the crowd literally went wild! Mark Foster was looking so delicious and his voice sounds amazing live contrary to what many people say. I’m so amazed by his musical talent of banging of the drums and fast fingers on the keyboards. I honestly don’t know how someone can play them with so much hype and still be in tune!

Hits after hits (Call It What You Want, Don’t Stop, Helena Beat, etc) came on but I must say that the song of the night was DEFINITELY their cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”. Truly legen-waitforit-DARY! The band also played a ballad that has yet to be released called “Ruby”. Although most people from the crowd weren’t familiar with the song, we just stood there patiently, staring at Mark on the piano, serenaded by the meaningful lyrics.

The last song of the night was of course, their famous “Pumped Up Kicks” and the band also played the dub step remix. Mark shuffled along and even went into the crowd! None of us wanted this night to end but unfortunately, all good things have to. I must say though, come what may 20-12-2012! Who cares? I’d die happy! Did I mention that I managed to catch and take pictures with the band at the airport before they jet-setted off to Osaka? WIN!