Passion Pit

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, Esplanade, Singapore
Date: 21st August 2012
Promoter: Greenhorn Productions
Review by: Fifa S.
Special Thanks: SC and the Greenhorn Productions team

I don’t know about you guys but let me tell you a little bit on how I knew about Passion Pit. If you are a fan of Skins (a British TV teen drama), I’m sure you have to agree with me that the music that they played during every episode was off the hook. Sleepyhead was featured in one of the episodes a couple of years back and I had instant liking for it. That’s how I found out about these guys from Massachusetts and I was pretty stoked that I finally get to see them live.

As usual the crowd gave a warm welcome to the band with screams and thunderous applause, as they opened the show with Take A Walk. Frontman Michael Angelakos was such a ball of energy, constantly moving around the stage and charmed his way to get the audience to sing along with him. Halfway through the show, Michael revealed that it was bassist, Jeff Apruzzese’s birthday so everyone wished him a happy birthday as one and Michael gave Jeff a hug. Sweet!

The vitality from the audience was consistent; thanks to Michael’s stage presence. Everyone was moving and dancing to the beat of every song till the band took it down to a notch with Constant Conversations. The audience was back to their feet when the band brought back the lively atmosphere with I’ll Be Alright.

The set has a well-mixed of tunes from Manners such as The Reeling, To Kingdom Come, and Moth’s Wings, Better Things from their EP, Chunk Of Change and a whole lot of songs from their new album, Gossamer. They closed the set with crowd favourite, Sleepyhead, and everyone just went crazy. Of course the show wouldn’t be complete without an encore. The band took the stage again for the last time and closed the night with Mirrored Sea and Little Secrets.

Kudos to Passion Pit, especially Michael! Although he was in the midst of improving his health, he managed to deliver his performance with such passion and love. I wish he will have a speedy recovery and will continue to make music.

1. Take A Walk
2. The Reeling
3. Moth’s Wings
4. Let Your Love Grow Tall
5. Carried Away
6. Eyes As Candles
7. Live To Tell The Tale
8. To Kingdom Come
9. Constant Conversations
10. I’ll Be Alright
11. Better Things
12. Folds In Your Hands
13. It’s Not My Fault
14. Smile Upon Me
15. Sleepyhead

16. Mirrored Sea
17. Little Secrets