Venue: Rock Auditorium, Suntec City, Singapore
Date: 28th April 2011
Promoter: Monsoon Productions
Review by: Nadiah H.
Special Thanks: Deb F. and the Monsoon Productions team
Photos: Press Conference & Concert by Melissa C.

The second Switchfoot performance in Singapore was no less of power from the first in 2008. Promoting their latest album “Hello Hurricane”, Switchfoot brought down the halls of the Rock Auditorium in Suntec City with hardcore fans that aided in the deconstruction.

The Calling Of Levi

Before the rock gods took the stage, Australian musicians The Calling of Levi took the stage and started up the crowd, conversing and encouraging movement. For a band that not many of us have heard before, they did an amazing job in hyping up the crowd.

Great Spy Experiment

Soon after, Singapore’s very own music magicians, the Great Spy Experiment waved their instrumental wands. The crowd was levitated off their seats with fists pumping in the air, synchronized to the beat. It was evident that the crowd wanted to watch them just as bad as Switchfoot. Props to local music!

Switchfoot Live in Singapore, April 2011

At this point, nobody realized that the band was about to come on because of the technicians working the stage. However, the lights suddenly dimmed and smoke engulfed the air. Beating hearts could be felt and high-pitched screams filled the void. The five man band did what they do best and opened with “The Sound”. It definitely got the crowd in the mood and into a state of rock trance.

Switchfoot Live in Singapore, April 2011

“Oh! Gravity” evolved the crowd into a rock choir, with everyone chanting along together to every word. My personal favourite however, was “Only Hope”. Having to have always listened to Mandy Moore’s cover made me love the live and raw version even better.

Switchfoot Live in Singapore, April 2011

“Meant To Live” opened unexpectedly, but in a good way. The band slowly moved the crowd into the song and burst with fire at the chorus. It was beautiful how Jon went into the crowd not once but twice! And even let one of his fans sing a few lines into the microphone. The appreciation! After one and a half hours of extreme rocking, the band finally closed with “Dare You To Move”, literally and emotionally moving the crowd.

I dare say, it was the perfect end to the perfect night.