White Lies

Date: 22nd March 2014
Venue: TAB @ Orchard, Singapore
Promoter: Midas Promotions
Review by: Nate Eileen Tjoeng
Special Thanks: Shila, and the Midas Promotions team

Speaking about White Lies, some goers might have felt they have been lied to if they did not check the event updates. The location was switched from Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa to a more intimate venue called TAB, and the event time that was previously stipulated at 8pm changed to 730pm.

Whether or not the concert-goers felt fooled, the crowd size looked increasingly decent as the night went on after the concert started. The intimate venue made the place look packed, although the same turnout number would have appeared sparse on the wide arena at the Coliseum.

Fans rushed in as the band started at 7.45pm, taking many by surprise as they were still at the door at that time. Bands never start early! Only after checking the web sources did guests realise that they were they ones who were late.

Only a select few had seen White Lies when they were in Singapore last year, as it was a private launch held by Burberry. This chance was one the public would jump at, following their cancellation of their concert in 2011.

Now, armed with not one but three albums, White Lies dealt out their hits across their band’s career. Older numbers like “To Lose My Life” were as well received as ones from the more recent album, Big TV.

White Lies, made up of three main members, took centre stage. Harry McVeigh the lead vocalist and Charles Cave stood beside each other with enough space for the audience to see their drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown placed in between, but further back.

The two in front looked distinctly more mature with their beards, against the pretty-boy in the middle even though they are all childhood friends. All of them were casually dressed in tee-shirts, but looked neat nonetheless.

McVeigh was the only one that spoke to the crowd, and he spoke on behalf of the team on stage, which looked unpretentiously humble. The trio was joined by Tommy Brown and Rob Lee, who tour with them at every one of their shows.

He expressed happiness at finally being able to play a proper show in Singapore, and looked pleased with the fans that responded to him in sincere support and admiration as they cheered at the appropriate cues.

McVeigh’s immaculate baritone filled the bar with what the fans would define as a pristine ambience – dark, moody lights, adequate reverb, a cosy venue and booze to boot.

Even though the performance felt short as it ended after less than 1.5 hours, fans must have felt accomplished listening to White Lies’ best hits live, including “Unfinished Business” and new popular track “Big TV”, which was delivered during the encore.

The shy boys have come a long way, not just literally, since the days they were first known as Fear of Flying and their first album. They have passed their puberty stages, although they may still be compared to their predecessors such as Interpol and Editors. The next time they return, it will be becoming to see them on a more massive performance, with a bigger turn out of ‘indie dancers’.