Parkway Drive In SEA This February

Another “rumoured” band confirmed for shows in the region is none other than Byron Bay’s successful hardcore/metal outfit, Parkway Drive. Having toured the US, Europe, Japan and their home country Australia since its inception in 2003, the band from Byron Bay are set to play their first ever shows in South East Asia (and Hong Kong) in February 2009.

Date: 6th February (Friday)
Venue: Overtone @ Bangkok, Thailand
Tickets: TBA

Date: 7th February (Saturday)
Venue: The Glass Hall, Singpore Arts Museum
Support Bands: Dashown, Cassandra, Hamartia & Paris In The Making
Tickets: $25 (pre-sale) & $35 (door)

Date: 8th February (Sunday)
Venue: MCPA Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Support Bands: Dashown, Asthalin, Deadscore, Cassandra, Kids On The Move, Incarnation, Black Territory, Dead Eyes Glow
Tickets: RM30 (pre-sale) & RM45 (door)

Date: 9th February 2009 (Monday)
Venue: Bulungan Open Air @ Jakarta, Indonesia
Support Bands: Papergangster, Down For Life, Final Attack, etc.
Tickets: Rp. 50.000 (pre-sale) & Rp. 75.000 (door)

Malaysian fans: KL is supposedly on the list of tour dates, as and when the information is released, we will let you know. We predict it may be held at the MCPA Hall or something along those lines.

ETA 25/11: Just as we’d guessed – they’ll be at MCPA Hall on the 8th.