Carpathian Tours SEA This July

Fans of the band and genre in general are in for a treat as Melbourne’s successful hardcore/metalcore outfit Carpathian hits Southeast Asia for the first time this July in support of their 2008 effort, Isolation. Catch them live at one of these dates:

Date: 14th July 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: Rookies Steak House, Pasir Gudang, Johore, Malaysia

Date: 16th July 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: FAD Media, Singapore

Date: 17th July 2009 (Friday)
Venue: The Rock Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 18th July 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Gedung M. Thamrin, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia

Date: 19th July 2009 (Sunday)
Venue: MCPA Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Stay tuned for more updates!