Incubus Live in Malaysia, July 2011

Adding itself to the list of Incubus SEA tour dates this July is Malaysia. The band will return for their third concert in the country, and other stops include Indonesia, and Philippines on this run. Event details as follows:

Date: 23rd July 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prices: RM203 from 23rd May onwards, RM183 for Tune Talk subscribers
Tickets: On sale via Air Asia Red Tix
Hotline: +603 8775 4666

Check back for the latest details!


  1. Can’t wait for the concert. My best birthday gift ever.

  2. i love incubus very much..more like to see them for 3rd time in it

  3. Hi,

    Ticket info has yet to be released, we’ll post it as soon as we have the information.

  4. Reallllyyyyy excited about this. Thanks for the information. Can’t wait for another mind blasting music concert.

  5. really nice to see finally incubus will be in malaysia….cant wait to see them…

  6. awesome!! i hope that would be my awesome day! just waiting for the day~

  7. omg… will u be b’casting it by any chance? i dunno if i can be there.. :'(( I dun wanna miss d chance seeing Incubus perform for the 3rd time. :’O

  8. Im from India. I need to buy the VIP pass. how do i go about it? helpppp please 🙂

  9. Hi Aleen,

    We won’t be broadcasting it unfortunately. Hope you will get to catch them live another time if you can’t make it for this show!

  10. Hi Sujit,

    Tickets are on sale via various Rock Corner (local music store) outlets, and online at Air Asia Red Tix. The regular price is RM203, subscribers of a local telco, TuneTalk, can purchase them at a discounted price of RM183. You may contact Air Asia Red Tix’s ticketing hotline for further enquiries at +603 – 8775 4666.

  11. can i join with u , i cum from thailand just me !!

  12. i love their songs…many faves.hope they sing dig,talk show on mute,agoraphobia,r u in… gosh…i wish they will sing all their songs.!

  13. hi,
    can anyone contact me where to buy ticket for incubus.

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