Avril Lavigne

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore
Date: 15th February 2014
Promoter: Midas Promotions
Review by: Nadiah H.
Special Thanks: Shila, and the Midas Promotions team

To some, it probably seems like Avril Lavigne should have been phased out the music industry years ago but she’s like so whatever! The punk rock masochistic princess keeps true to herself kickin it ol’ skool wearing her infamous tie, red boots, including a loud poofy Hello Kitty skirt at one time on stage.

Seemingly, the crowd who would pay to watch her would be 15-year-old somethings. WRONG. The audience who turned up at Singapore Indoor Stadium consisted of more than a fair amount of adults. I even saw 40 year olds in the crowd (who did not seem like they belong, by the way) waving their hands around to her music! These fans are loyal indeed.

The Canadian singer has been around since circa 2002 and she does not seem to have aged one bit, both physically and vocally. Contrary to other singers in her generation (aka Britney Spears) who lip-sync, Avril’s powerful vocal box became evident when she performed “I Always Get What I Want”.

I don’t know what it is about Avril, but we always find nostalgia in her classics. Everyone went fan-gal crazy when “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi” were performed. Personally, it brought me back to 10 years ago during my fake “emo” days where every word Avril sang seemed relatable, and when being a tomboy who skates and wears a tie around her neck seemed cool.

One encore wasn’t an enough statement for Avril; she had to make two! To end the night, he band started off with extreme grunge rock with a Marilyn Manson cover “Bad Girl/The Beautiful People” and then, with slow Goodbye-lullaby “I’m With You”, which produced a big sing-along in the stadium.


Hello Kitty
Rock N Roll
Here’s to Never Growing Up
I Always Get What I Want
Hush Hush
Let Me Go
My Happy Ending
Don’t Tell Me

Bad Girl / The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson cover)
He Wasn’t
Losing Grip
Sk8er Boi

Encore 2:
What the Hell
I’m With You