Venue: The Bee @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 17th September 2017
Promoter: Freeform Untitled
Review by: Shai

Publika has always been recognised as the hotbed of arts for the Klang Valley. The quintessential case study of how commercialism and subcultures should thrive under the same roof. Today was no different as the surreal scents of the scene sizzled the senses. There was an eclectic collective of performers gracing the main stage, “fusion” in the true sense of the word – Malay men playing predominantly Chinese tunes on classical Indian instruments. Over at the Black Box, on the other hand, boisterously burly bros were headbanging through a Metallica-themed carnival, adding to the assortment of floundering flavours.

Meanwhile, at The Bee, a slew of yuppies, yuccies, and all categories in between were buzzed, and boozed up, to welcome French multi-instrumentalist FKJ (French Kiwi Juice), who returned to these shores in support of his debut full length release in March.

The stylish spinner with signature dreadlocks dazzled the stage slightly before 10pm, as his projected visuals signals the start of a 100-minute set, with sweet sounds from his saxophone sending the ladies, and some bros, into ecstasy.

One could not question the influence and following of this pride of Paris, since his allure lies in the manner in which he nonchalantly moves from mastering one instrument to the next, as his guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, and synthesizers take turns in taking centre stage.

Performing what seems to be a fusion of well-composed French house, with a healthy dosage of soul, funk and R&B, Vincent Fenton has masterfully crafted what is the sonic impression of timeless love-making. His succulent solos and instrumental improvisations are usually interspersed by dance worthy passages, briskly rounded up by beats that sent the capacity crowd into psychedelia-tinged euphoria.

This experience was elevated further as they were asked to sing and shout in unison, in what must have been one of the most creative audience-involved jams in recent memory. The fog-filled atmosphere and less-than-desirable sound system could not deter the attendees to give their all in dancing along to their favourite tunes, which included “Tadow”, “Lying Together”, and “Skyline”.

The aural romance in the air could not rear its’ head any clearer, as couples continue to caress, friends fondle in the name of fun, and buddies pucker up with one bottle after the other. This cultured connoisseur convincingly captivated attendees throughout, with his distinct classification of classical music for the 21st century. As camaraderie cuddles among the crowd, the electro fusion reverberations made it impossible for anyone to stay still, a testament of the powerful inimitable influence this modern-day virtuoso has over his adoring audience, who will gladly return to witness FKJ rock the funk up towards electro utopia.