Venue: The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore
Date: 15th March 2013
Promoter: Warner Music Singapore
Review by: Fadhil R.
Special Thanks: Warner Music Singapore team
Photos by Marcus Lin, courtesy of Warner Music Singapore

Their songs have gotten pretty intense and who would have guessed that Fun. would finally come down to Singapore shores, to perform at The Coliseum on a Friday night. Every single song they’ve invented is a secret treasure to every diehard fan of Fun., especially when the band had won Best New Artist at the recent Grammy Awards. Sweet and stark, each song is seemingly meant for Nate’s undying love for his parents, the band’s dedication to their fans, and most importantly, their love for music. I call it sweet lullabies for those lonely hearts out there as the crowd were on their feet, standing tall to gaze upon their entrance onto the stage.

When the background music stopped, “Out On The Town” was heard as the introduction to their set list and I guess screaming banshees was no surprise.

Nate Ruess is one gentle poet with soul and made Fun. where it is now, becoming one of those indie rock bands under the Fueled By Ramen label to take the plunge and exploit their amazing talents. They are the epitome of kindness, which makes their compassion and honesty to be heard of. Their recent ‘Some Nights’ album really stands between this and their previous record. Gorgeous songs like “Why Am I The One” and “One Foot” just makes us happy and provides faith in what we are doing. Nate began to make his way from one side of the stage to the other, circling the drummer, all while motivating the crowd to sing along and going deep into the meaning behind each and every song of theirs. Such is the heart of a poet’s soul.


It is almost impossible that anyone would dislike Fun. They are like busy bees touring around the world, and won’t stop believing in what they do. The band spawned some raw hits from their first album Aim And Ignite and Jack Antonoff who wasn’t on the drums like he usually does, was pretty excited for this one by the look of his face, strapping his guitar tightly like he was up to something. Getting all upbeat, Andrew Dost on the keys suddenly pulled out a saxophone from nowhere and started playing “All The Pretty Girls”. That particular song became a flowing sensation through the crowd and caught the eyes of every single person in The Coliseum. The trust he was given to play that was a worthy effect, which definitely needs to be applauded with big pair of hands and be recognized more, particularly in the unforgiving world of modern music.

Backup vocals were the aid to the creativity paired with Nate’s vocals. Emily, who’s the only female member of the band, has turned herself into someone born for this. Secured with an acoustic guitar from the very beginning of the concert, she was giving every listener that sense of belonging with her charm, particularly on “At Least I’m Not Sad (As I Used To Be)”. With that sweet voice, I really don’t mind getting on the dance floor to start some hippie dance.


Their music, for those who might not know by now, is a blend of old-country folk tunes and modern indie rock. Playing some of their songs from “Some Nights” album, Nate never betrays his high notes and truly sums up the brilliant talent he possesses. I don’t really love comparing them with familiar old school classic bands from the 80’s but Fun. is unique in their own way. Songs like “All Alone” and “It Gets Better’” are one of those catchy tunes they’ve produced and gives that grooving feeling, making you lift your hands up high, and embracing their greatness.

The band emerged as a fully formed hit-making machine now as they performed songs like some real experiment about all the different things in the world. Nate got excited from time to time as he was dancing all the while, meddling with the mic stand and insisting the crowd to dance as well to “Barlights”. A scrapbook of his life perhaps.

Jack Antonoff on the other hand, is not your average guy next door. He has a distinctive set of guitar skills that could bring even an average song to life. With his ability to command a wide range of instruments and styles, he has a swagger of his own. Jack might just be a shadow behind Nate but his passion, commitment, and talent cannot be doubted. His presence serves to remind us that his authentic short guitar solos on that night isn’t letting a second go to waste. By this time, the whole band was just showing their sexy moves but in a badass way, with Nate, Jack and Andrew rocking hard to ‘”All Alright” that really intrigues me in an emotional state.


As Nate was calming down the screaming fans, he was reading a sign in the crowd, which said “I will give up my first born to hear Be Calm and The Gambler live”. He was dead serious about playing those two songs but kept a straight face. “I wouldn’t give my first born too, but The Gambler it is then” as Nate with a cheeky smile went running to Andrew who was already started playing to “The Gambler” and reignited the crowd with his splendid vocals.

We all are familiar with songs like “Carry On” and “We Are Young” which have been on Billboard charts and labeled as ‘that song everyone knows’ all around the world. Apart from all the buzz, Fun. is not a stranger to acoustic plays. Come to think of it, it’s amazing actually – that clear, rich, and lovely voice of Nate’s was just suited for “Carry On”. Seems like I won’t be able to stop commenting on Nate, though some might say he is adorable fashion-wise instead of commending his own singing abilities.

Nevertheless, seeing the 3,500 strong crowd singing along to “We Are Young” which overpowered Nate’s vocals is the coolest thing ever and they made it sound so melodic. I like the fact that this particular song has that homely feeling in a way you need to hug someone beside you! Fun. didn’t stop right there and covered The Rolling Stone’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” right after. It has a different style to it and little pieces of electronic influences of course, but the sounds of trumpet and a French horn define everything about Fun. Wicked cover from them. After the band left the stage signaling the end of the set, The Coliseum was urging them to continue their supremacy in both encore and experience!


Oh boy, we definitely can feel their thunderous tempo with a calm storm to it as they made their way onto the stage again with “Some Nights”. Jack somehow looks like a drillmaster at certain angle as he altered his role to slamming the drums as well; the main highlight perhaps, that added a little magic to the sublime blend of the song. With ease, I can proudly say that they are a bunch of guys who just love to tell a story in each of their tracks they’ve invented. “Stars” doesn’t seem to sound like their usual kind of song with Auto-Tune being used, but it was truly heart-warming and charming lyrically to end a Friday night!

There’s definitely nothing wrong with that as Fun. was really good at what they do. Fun is not just the enjoyment of pleasure, is more than anyone can imagine. Well as most people agreed to this; they don’t need to be the new Queen, they can be the first Fun.