Lamb Of God

Venue: D’Marquee, Downtown East, Singapore
Date: 15th April 2010
Promoter: LAMC Productions
Review by: Nadiah H.
Special Thanks: Andre & the LAMC Productions team

Virginian metal heads, Lamb of God, powdered D’Marquee with pure bliss last night. People of all ages (mostly teens though) combed the area in black, drowned themselves in beer, inhaled their last stick and let their hair down before going in the arena, all ready for some extreme head banging and moshing. The massive stage that was strewn with Wrath-themed backdrops was screaming with fire, flaunting the bands’ legendary equipments which made the crowd really hyped up, constantly chanting for the band to come out so that they could finally get the party started.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lights suddenly dimmed. Everyone started screaming in excitement and then, familiar sounds from the drums and guitar shredding of “The Passing” deafened the place. It was a riot in there! Some started forming small circle pits while the rest pumped fists and head banged into oblivion. Little did they know at that point of time, it was about to get crazier.

Although it was the Wrath tour, hits like “Walk With Me In Hell”, “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For” from the Sacrament album and “Laid To Rest” from the Ashes of the Wake album became a pleaser to the crowd. Circle pits turned into death pits and some were even seen limping out, however not with pain shown on their faces but with accomplishment. Hard-core. Randy Blythe never stopped emphasizing how blessed the band felt to have been given the opportunity to play in our city. Their way of thanking the fans were by playing one heck of a performance, rocking their respective instruments and in Randy’s case, the raw execution of his screaming voice that we all know very well. Legit.

That was probably the fastest (but craziest) one and a half hours the crowd experienced because the next thing they knew, Randy was saying how “they still had time for 2 more songs” and how he wanted the crowd to create the biggest circle pit in the history of Singapore. On his command and the aid of the energizing vibes that was released when they played “Redneck”, history was definitely made. Sweaty, half-naked, spirited fans circled the floors of D’Marquee probably having the best time of their lives. A few minutes later, the still fiery crowd rampaged in the infamous and much anticipated Wall of Death with the all time favourite, “Black Label”. Thrashing bodies piled on top of one another caused by the falling domino effect. The fans were finally baptized.

* More Than Good Hooks would like to thank Andre & LAMC Productions for the opportunity and kind assistance in making this possible.