Venue: TAB, Singapore
Date: 1st December 2015
Promoter: Impact Live and Snowbird Productions
Review by: N. Asyraf
Special Thanks: Colin, and the Impact Live and Snowbird Productions teams

Australia’s Lenka returned to Singapore for the fourth time just last week. She played with a toy keyboard and a tambourine the size of a 10-year-old girl’s hand. She’s some happy times, and sweet as a sugar cube. She was literally glowing on the night of concert and oh yeah, she’s pregnant! Beautifully as a mother, she told fans of her inspirations on song-writing, citing that her own kids were a source of it as well. What could be sweeter than that?

The show was opened by local musician Charlie Lim, who played some of his own music and several mashups which included one of “Hotline Bling”, that got the crowd tittering. His mellow, acoustic set was a beautiful lead-in to Lenka’s more upbeat tracks.

Vocally, she was stellar, matching the quality of her recording. Her soft, ethereal tone carried wonderfully across a respectful, quiet crowd that just wanted to enjoy her voice.

The stage was decorated in the very fun way that Lenka has always shown her audience. But, this concert has a lot of personal touches added to it, too. Her son’s tambourine that she has borrowed for the Asia tour for example, and another side of Lenka that not a lot of audiences always think of – her emotional relationship songs. Beautiful voices telling all the stories.

Lenka proved that pregnancy does not deter one from having fun as she showed us her moves in what she calls her “pregnancy fitness” as she swayed and danced even with a heavily pregnant belly. The bubbly singer displayed ease on stage and moved around energetically, making sure she utilized every inch of the stage.

Halfway through the performance, fans got treated to a very special moment as Lenka perched herself at the edge of the stage and sang directly to the crowd. As Lenka poured her heart out to the crowd with songs such as “Two Heartbeats”, she told the crowd to put down their phones and cameras and wanted them to soak in the moment and sing along with the singer. Between songs, Lenka also shared bits and pieces of her life, with most of the banter being on her pregnancy, and how it has inspired her to write music.

At the end of the show, Lenka conveyed the joy she felt when she heard that her songs have become other people’s first favorite song. She sang her first ever favorite song, “Walking On Sunshine”, and ended the show on a cheerful note with her most famous track to date, “The Show”, as the crowd sang along.