Venue: MAX Pavilion, Singapore
Date: 14th June 2010
Promoter: Lushington Entertainments
Review by: Nadiah H.

First off, I have to explain myself about how I am not a huge fan of pop-music. I barely even knew I was going to watch Mika live in concert up till the very last minute, say 45 minutes before it started? However, I entered The Max Pavillion’s gates with an open mind and a hint of excitement having watched his concert on cable the day before.

Boy was I impressed, shocked even, to how much I enjoyed his concert. Even before he came out he had already twisted my mind about his music. The stage was brightened with ginormous colourful trees and skulled backdrops that were constantly changing colours with the stage lights. Beneath those laid a circular screen hung in the centre to project animations and to complement the mini platform stage that spotlights the “Boy who knew too much“. Sometimes I wondered to myself if I was about to watch a musical or a concert.

Mika dazzled the arena immediately when he came on and opened with “Relax, Take It Easy”. Everybody was on their feet, some even standing on their seats just to have a clear view of the British pop-God. Mika turned the whole atmosphere into an Alice in Wonderland meets New Years Eve party. His band was all dressed up in loud costumes and glowing face paints (heck, he even put some of his lucky fans, who were queuing in the crowd, in some of those crazy outfits) while he brought the crowd into a dancing mode with his upbeat tunes. He literally brought life in cartoon motion. It was a parade in there!

Sure, Mika had his flaws when he forgot his lyrics at a point of time. But hey, at least we know he doesn’t lip-sync! Bad joke? Well, no not really because how many times do we come across a man (no, Justin Bieber is a boy) who is able to pull off such high in-tune notes that makes our organs jump around in our stomachs? Rhethorical question.

Mika did not disappoint, firing hits after hits from both of his glorified albums like a machine gun. Hits like “We Are Golden”, “Blame It On The Girls” and “Kick-Ass” became a pleaser to the crowd. My personal favourite however, was “Grace Kelly”, which evidently was the song of the night because the fans sang along like it was their anthem, mouthing word-for-word. Mika gave not one, not two, but three (!!) encores, ending the show with an acoustic version of “Relax, Take It Easy”, exceeding the amount of songs in the initial set list. I especially loved how he started and ended the night with such a breathtaking and happy song. I’m positive the fans left feeling colourful.