Venue: Zirca Megaclub, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Date: 28th April 2010
Promoter: Home Club & John Robinson
Review by: Fifa S.
Special Thanks: JR, QH Yeo, Kelvin & the Home Club team

Peaches, also known as Merill Beth Nisker, is back! The Canadian born musician, whose songs are noted for questioning traditional gender norms and use of sexually explicit lyrics, is back in Singapore for a one night only show at Zirca!

Behind the neon curtain stood the electro clash queen, dressed in a costume which appeared to be a cross breed between Chewbacca and Oscar the Grouch, as she opened the night with “Mudd”, off from her latest album I Feel Cream. Right after that, two girls with massive wig, which you can actually use as mops, came out from both sides of the stage and started to sway along to “Talk To Me”.

What I love about Peaches is that there are a lot of interactions between herself and the crowd. For one, she did the crowd walking called “Jesus walked on water, Peaches walked on you” to the song “Show Stopper”. She body surfed as she sang “Take You On” and ran through the crowd and headed towards one of the cages at Zirca to perform an orgasmic rendition of “Two Guys For Every Girl” with the crowd’s fists in the air. Pole dancing in a cage, damn right sexy!

There’s a lot of energy coming from her, prancing around, scantily clad in her jumpsuits which got the crowd screaming in madness as she undressed herself to a different costume in front of the audience, especially the one with the light blinking at crotch and the other one with a middle finger pointing to her “land of down under”. I bet that made some of the audience wet in their underwear. Well, Peaches is all about sexual innuendos.

Unfortunately, just as she was about to start “I Feel Cream”, there’s a commotion in the crowd.  It seems that two guys were moshing and I feel like going over and give them a smack in the head for even doing it.  You dance, not mosh to Peaches!  She had to stop just to check on the crowd and a few seconds later she carried on with the performance while the bouncers settle the two idiots.

During “F*** The Pain Away”, she brought out a bottle of Merlot and started to pour to the lucky fans who were right in front of the stage.  I went crazy when she poured some to my mouth and to my shirt!  I went even crazier when she was so close to me during the first encore, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” that I just had to reach out my hand, grabbed to the mic and sang along with her.  Best part was that she ruffled my hair.  I died for a moment there!  She ended of the night with “Set It Off”, holding a video camera in her hands, recording the crowd going all mad and wanting to be part of the phenomenon.

By the end of the show, everyone was drenched in their own sweat, dancing to the beats of Peaches.  She definitely gave us a night to remember with the sexual and energetic performance.  Kudos to Home Club and John Robinson for bringing her in again!


  1. Mudd
  2. Talk To Me
  3. Billionaire
  4. Take You On
  5. Show Stopper
  6. Serpentine
  7. Shake Yer Dix
  8. Tombstone, Baby
  9. Two Guys For Every Girl
  10. Boys Wanna Be Her
  11. Lovertits
  12. Lose You
  13. I Feel Cream
  14. Mommy Complex
  15. F*** The Pain Away

Encore 1:

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Encore 2:

  1. Set It Off