Venue: Fort Canning Park, Singapore
Date: 18th May 2010
Promoter: LAMC Productions
Review by: Nadiah H.

A warm, humid night calls for some soaking in air-condition while gorging yourself with some Ben & Jerry’s, right?

Wrong. The perfect antidote to summer heat, actually, is to go see “Mr. 305” live in concert. Cuban-American rapper, PITBULL, definitely rebelled against all odds at Fort Canning on Tuesday night. Despite a few difficulties experienced in the night, PITBULL blazed through them like a true professional. Total Rebelution.

The first obstacle was the infamous Singaporean heat that left everybody drowning themselves in water (or in this case, alcohol) every few minutes. Therefore, “Mr. 305” shocked the crowd when he came out in his signature dress code: sleek-suited paired with his favourite aviators, looking very caliente!

Second, was the sound system that faced technical glitches not once but twice (!!) throughout the show. It drowned the rapper’s seductive voice especially during the sing-along chorus’. However, PITBULL made up for it by dancing along to the beats of his music, practically dripping with sex. I’m pretty sure he aroused both genders in the crowd that were drooling each time he shook his “booty”. Go, Papi!

PITBULL bombarded the fans with hits like “Calle Ocho”, “Miami” “Shut It Down” and even brought us back to his Mexican heritage with the help of his entourage that included a bongo player, a drummer, a keyboardist and a DJ. Each of them had their own style which when put together, complimented PITBULL’s steady voice that deafened the night. Total eargasm!

The highlight of the night was definitely the encore though. PITBULL stormed the stage with only a muscle tee on (dayum’ he definitely has muscles) and shot hits after hits like “Crazy” and “Hotel Room Service”. Oh, have I mentioned that his dance moves were sizzlin’!!

Of course we also have to thank DJ Inquizzy and the booze for getting the party started. He turned the green habitat into one just like a club. Spinning some of music’s finest, he definitely did not embarrass the Singapore party-scene. What seemed like a normal night, turned into one worth adding to Singapore’s Top Concerts list.