Mew Live In Bandung, Indonesia

The popular Danish band Mew many know for songs such as “Am I Wry? No”, “Special” and “The Zookeepers Boy” will be performing in Indonesia this August prior to their appearance at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. It is uncertain at this point whether more Southeast Asian dates will be added but for now these are the details on their upcoming Indonesian concert.

12/05: According to our sources, the concert is currently unconfirmed but the promoter is still in talks and in negotiations with the band’s agency and management. We have our fingers crossed it will be successful and for our friends in Indonesia to witness the band live.

22/05: We have been receiving several inquiries on this concert of late so here’s the lowdown for those keen on seeing the band in Bandung. As stated in an earlier update, the gig is unconfirmed. The indie promoter is still working on obtaining funds from an investor and the final outcome should be made known on or around Wednesday, the 27th. Be sure to check back then for the update!

26/05: Note the change in date and the ticket prices.

08/06: Malaysians/Singaporeans intending to fly over and requesting ticketing information – there has been none made known so far, unfortunately. We have contacted the promoter and are awaiting a response, the moment we are informed of them you can be sure we will be posting it here. We would suggest you subscribe to our newsletter as well for when we send one out with the info you’re looking for. Thanks!

18/06: Sorry, folks. Gig’s postponed to November according to the promoter, we will post the details when it’s confirmed.

UPDATE 09/07: The band is now confirmed to play at Java Rockin’land on what appears to be August 9th. For more info on the festival, visit our Java Rockin’land news post here.

Date: 28th November 2009 (Saturday) [previously 4th & 3rd August]
Venue: The Venue Eldorado, Bandung
Tickets: Rp. 250,000 (pre-sale, on sale in June) & Rp. 350,000 (normal)
Supporting bands: Polyester Embassy & The Milo

More information will be posted so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. if it’s true not issue, could you please send me message for this? i need to know,the promotor and contact person for details.
    thanks a lot


  2. awe.
    but they delayed once some years back so who knows whats next?
    will be really glad to see them though 🙂

  3. can i have the ticket booth details?

    thanks, appreciate it so much if you reply my question.

  4. – Hopefully the gig will be on! We should have more info soon.

    OiOi – Tickets are not on sale yet, as mentioned in the latest update, the gig is presently actually unconfirmed. There should be more news on whether the gig is set to happen come Monday, so check back then!

  5. dude, I just want to know, if i’m from malaysia did you have any special price and what a proven that Mew will play at this concert. Sorry for much asking>



  6. hey i just need to know where can i purchase the tickets? is there gonna be any online booking or something? thanks.


  7. The time for the show please? I’ll be flying late in the afternoon to Bandung from KL. Hope that I’ll be on time for the show. Can you please email me details on ticketing too? Thanks.

  8. 7PM, supposedly. E-mailed you about this as well.

  9. hey man. where can i buy the tickets? possible to buy in kl?

  10. can u give more detail? where can i purchase the ticket and etc. by the way, i’m from malaysia.

  11. Hi guys, I’ve edited the post above that should answer your questions for now. Basically there has been no info on tickets just yet, but as soon as we know, you’ll find them on the site.

  12. please send me message for this? i really want to see MEW..
    Who is the promotor?? Can i get the contact person??
    please… hopefully!!
    thx a lot..

  13. Hi. I m from singapore and i m an avid mew fan just like you guys. could you email details how to get tickets? thanks !!!

  14. They’re not performing in Bandung anymore, please check our Java Rockin’land post for more info. Thanks!

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