The Devil Wears Prada Live in Malaysia, February 2010

UPDATE (28/11): It’s looking very unlikely it will be on anytime soon because the band has opted out of Australia’s Soundwave Festival to support Killswitch Engage on tour. We will post any updates received from the promoter on the show so be sure to check back for info.

UPDATE (03/11): The gig has been postponed. We will update when there is more information on the rescheduled show so be sure to check back often.

Ah, believe it. The metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio will be in Southeast Asia this February touring in support of their 2009 release, With Roots Above And Branches Below! At present, we can only confirm a Malaysian date but rest assured that if they are playing a full SEA tour, we will post all information and details.

The Devil Wears Prada will be performing in KL just before they embark on their Soundwave Festival stint with the possibility of more shows being added. Details of the TDWP gig is as follows:

Date: 13th February 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: Number One Cafe, Kuala Lumpur
Tickets: TBA

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. ni kalau band-band hc punk/restraint main opening jgk aku tak tau la kan.

  2. holy shit! TDWP is actually coming to m’sia!?
    finally for the first time!

    anyone here knows where to get the tickets?

  3. WOW! TDWP in Malaysia?!! yeah!!!! number one cafe??? is it at “One Cafe”? how do i get the tickets? can anyone pls tell me a.s.a.p.

  4. adriz – The concert has been postponed as mentioned and it looks even more unlikely it will happen anytime soon because they have opted out of Soundwave Festival to go on tour with Killswitch Engage. We will keep you guys updated on this!

  5. thnx SJ. please keep updating on this. and i really need to know how to get the tickets!

  6. adriz – We will! Any updates we receive from the promoter will be posted here, on our Twitter and Facebook as well.

    aliff – It’s been postponed for now, as mentioned. The band has decided to drop out of the Soundwave Festival bill and taken up the offer to support Killswitch Engage on tour in the US instead.

  7. really..?
    i want see that flyers!!!!!
    coz i want know thats true or not….

  8. ijol – As mentioned in the post and in the comment above yours, the concert is off for now seeing as they won’t be in the region anytime soon.

    Any updates on the gig will be posted here so do check back for the latest news.


  10. Hi Aliff,

    There is no new information as of now, we will be sure to post updates as soon as we know of them!

  11. is it true The Devil Wears Prada want to come Malaysia? oh god ! i can’t belive this!

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