Asking Alexandria Live in Singapore, Thailand & Philippines, February & May 2011

UPDATE (27/4): The band’s tour of the region has been canceled. Official statement under the cut.

In addition to Asking Alexandria’s concert in May, the band will also perform in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines next year. Catch them live at these other concerts:

Date: 23rd February 2011 (Wednesday)
Venue: Warehouse, *SCAPE, Singapore
Prices: S$35 (early bird; 50 tickets only), S$50 (standard; 100 tickets only)
Tickets: On sale via Roxy Records @ Excelsior Shopping Centre

Date: 24th February 2011 (Thursday)
Venue: The Rock Club, Bangkok, Thailand
Tickets: 800 Baht (only 250 tickets available for this show)
Hotline: 085-060-4120

Date: 16th May 2011 (Monday) 27th May 2011 (Friday)
Venue: Amoranto Theater, Manila, Philippines
Prices: PhP 412.00 (early bird, 20% discount until 31st December), PhP 463.50 (early bird, 10% discount from 1st January 2011 to 28th February), PhP 515.00 (starting 1st March, 2011)
Tickets: On sale via TicketWorld

Stay tuned for more information!

Unfortunately, the band canceled their SEA shows this May and released the following official statement:

Due to circumstances beyond the bands control they have had to cancel the three upcoming appearances in SE Asia. The band hate to cancel shows and even rescheduled the original shows hoping not to disappoint fans a few weeks back. With that said the band have been on the road non stop except a week here or there for the last year, and will continue to be be on the road constantly for the next twelve months. With such a busy touring schedule please understand the damage to health, mental exhaustion and physical toll this takes on people. There are some personal health issues some band members need to take care of and with this being the only minor break they can have in 2011 the band have been forced to make the difficult decision to cancel these three shows.

The band would like to stress to the fans who planned on coming to these shows how sorry they are. The band will return as soon as possible and will put on a bigger and better show than ever before. The band would like to publicly thank the three promoters, Eko (Indonesia), Vernon from Pulp (Philippines) and Apiz from Murderothica (Malaysia). These three promoters have done an amazing job and we’re so sorry to make you cancel these shows.