F1 Rocks @ Malaysia, March 2012

UPDATE 20.03.12 – The concert has been cancelled.

F1 Rocks in Malaysia will see Australian singer/songwriter Kylie Minogue and American R&B artist Kelis headline the two day event respectively this March, held in conjunction with the Malaysian Grand Prix. Details as follows:

Dates: 23rd March & 24th March 2012 (Friday & Saturday)
Venue: KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Line Up (Day 1): Kylie Minogue, ElecoldXhot, Reshmonu, James Baum, DJ Nadine, and more to be announced
Line Up (Day 2): Kelis, ElecoldXhot, DJ Colleen, and more to be announced
Tickets: TBA
Website: http://www.f1rocks.com

Win tickets to see Kylie and Kelis!


  1. Hi Sue Yeng,

    She’s playing on the first of two dates, and you can try winning tickets to the show in the link above. Good luck!

  2. When will the full details of the concert ticket be annouced?

    I know about the FREE tickets, but will there be any other GUARANTEED way of obtaining the ticket? Cause I have already participated in the FREE tickets give away, but there have not been any respond from them yet. Cause I really wanna see Kylie since I was 8 years old, and I am not settled until I get some sort of assurance on the ticket.

    I also know that they are selling the VIP ticket or some sort. Any idea how that is?

    There are also words going around saying that you are required to purchase the race ticket to be able to watch the concert.

    Which is which? Would you mind telling me how I can get hold of the tickets please. I’ve waited all my life to watch Kylie live in concert. I am not going to missed-out on this opportunity. I am practically her biggest fan!!

    Please do keep me updated.

    Thank you.


    Ayub Dadameah

  3. I have 2 tickets to Kylie Minogue concert on 23rd March – KLCC… drop ur email or phone numb n i will contact u back…

    Sapa cepat, dia dapat mehhhh…
    Thank you.

  4. Saya ada tiket konsert F1 Rock untuk dijual

    – 1 tiket Kylie Minogue (23th March 2012)
    – 3 tiket Kelis (24th March 2012)

    setiap tiket saya jual harga 200 ringgit… berminat.??? tinggalkan email or phone numb anda…

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